Why Are Some Companies So Good at Customer Service?

Have you ever been in a store and thought that the associates were especially helpful, and the service was superb? Or that every time you interacted with a specific brand, you walked away completely satisfied, already planning your next visit? Those are the companies who have their customer service down to a science. So, why are some companies so good at their customer service endeavors?

When companies make outstanding customer service a top priority for their employees, it makes a substantial difference. By training and supporting their associates, businesses can ensure that the customer service is top-notch whenever a customer interacts with their brand. But how do they know what kind of training their associates need or what their customers are expecting them to deliver?

Data Collection

There isn’t one way to improve customer service; it is a constant process that can always be refined. Measuring real-world operations and not just the best-case scenario is the only way to accurately estimate how effective your brand’s customer service is. After all, how often do your daily interactions fall into the best-case scenario?

The best way to tell is to ask how different your flagship store’s delivery and operations are to your smallest location? If a flagship store represents the ideal customer experience, then theoretically, your smallest location should offer that same level of experience to maintain your brand’s reputation. Many customers will only visit a single location when they form an opinion of your brand, and it likely won’t be the flagship store that impressed investors. Companies that put in the work to continually offer the same service from their flagship to smallest store are the ones who are often praised for superior customer service.

It is imperative to ensure that your brand’s customer service lives up to your expectations. That can be difficult to tell based on your personal experiences, because you won’t have the same service as an average customer. That is why so many companies turn to Mystery Shopping as an impartial, objective review of their customer service.

Asking the Right Questions

In addition to testing for feedback in the real world, you need to make sure that you’re asking the right questions. Suppose customers are walking away from your brand unsatisfied but are responding with positive feedback on questionnaires or polls about your product or service. In that case, it might be time to reconsider the questions you are asking. Here at HS Brands, we help our clients build smart, comprehensive questions, analyze their data, and discover insights critical to their business goals through our advanced, interactive data platform.

Our mystery shop review includes employee interactions and customer service, as well as potential dishonesty and policy violations, so you can have a clear and realistic picture of how your brand is perceived.

HS Brands understands that simply collecting data isn’t enough, and we use our Sassie Software to transform shopping data into actionable solutions. With our HS Brands team on your side, we can help you reach your goals and deliver the stellar customer service that you envisioned for your brand and ensure that customers are compelled to come back for more.

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